Friday, February 28, 2003

"You Can't Even Die In This Country"

Los Feliz, CA:
"You Can't Even Die In This Country"Said Victor Dodoi of Botosani, Romania after the rope he used to try and hang himself with was easily cut by relatives. Dodoi plans on filing a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency over the rope's quality as soon as his injuries mend. The rope company will likely settle by offering Dodoi a higher quality rope, or perhaps a steel cable, to whack himself with the proper results.

Tedious Movie, Face-Off, Turned Into Creepy Reality

Los Feliz, CA:
A 16-year-old Irish tart, Lena Marie Murphy, who's face had been melted in an exploding car may be the first ever person to receive a face transplant. The whole thing is rather gruesome, yet pretty damn cool.
The Rest of the Tale

How to Write a Fantasy Story: All you’ll ever need

Los Feliz, CA:
After seeing Lord of the Rings I was struck with the formula for all fantasy stories. With these simple guidelines you too can create the next masterpiece.
How to Write a Fantasy Story: All you’ll ever need

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Movie Star

Los Feliz, CA:
I was just offered another part in a student film. To all you people, like Kathy Woltz, who said I'd be famous one day, here I come, toots.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Boxing Fans Give Ovation as Harding Gets Pummled

Los Feliz, CA:
Trailer bucket ice skater turned Palooka, Tonya Harding, was awarded the sour end of a split decision in her boxing debut against Samantha Browning. Tonya added some meat to her upper body to match her already meaty caboose, giving her 123 pounds to haul around the ring. Though billed as a Pro bout, anything Harding touches will always have the feel of swamp buggy racing.

Switzerland; Land of Suicide Tourism

Los Feliz, CA:
Swiss euthanasia laws have the terminally ill lining up to see the Alps through the haze of the old Mortal Coil being tossed. With the help of deadly barbiturates, fifty-five people whacked themselves last year in the land of chocolate and precision time pieces.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Flimsy Metal Band, Great White, Sees Career Heat Up!

Los Feliz, CA:
WEST WARWICK, R.I. Feb. 20 - Great White, soilders of the Def Leppard weak heavy metal army, cooked 95 fans when the pyrotechnics they use to start the anti-climax of their performance set the building ablaze. This, of course, is far more than their music could do to excite people.

Thursday, February 20, 2003


Los Feliz, CA:
I Posted the stunning B & W photos I took while on my 12 day road trip.
B & W Photo Page

Monday, February 17, 2003

Shania Twain Hires Queens Ryche!

San Diego, CA:
Country music Sex Pot, Shania Twain, hires Queens Ryche for costume design.

Geoff Tate or Shania Twain?

National Geographic Resorts to T&A to Boost Sales

Los Feliz, CA:
Good on ya, I say.

We've relied on them long enough for informative essays and gorgeous pictures of nature, and now show us some skin. This time, however, skip the floppy breasts and silly customs of alien cultures. Give us quality american dames wearing next to nothing.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Yet another Pointless activity.

Los Feliz, CA:
Play this a while and watch how you get Spirals within Spirals. It's kinda trippy.The Number Spiral