Friday, March 28, 2003

Shopping Cart Speed Record Set

Though suffering from a broken shoulder and various raspberries, the magnitude of her record breaking run is not lost on one vancouver tart. While careering down a hill in Burnaby this thrill-seeking dolly managed 45 miles per hour before the fine-tuned steering of the shopping buggy gave out.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

In Da Club

While researching the previous bit I came across the lyrics for a song for the unsensation 50 Cent called 'In Da Club.' Right away I was giggling again, not because of the street pronounciation of "the," but the rather childish way of spelling it out as "Da." There's a billboard of Snoop Dawg in Hollywood with similar silliness. How am I supposed to take my Rap Music seriously of the Gangstas who chant it have all the street credibility of a Little Rascals. What's next, are the Rappers going to start putting their R's backwards as well?

Wake Up Little Suzy

Los Feliz, CA:
I was thinking about the lyrics to the song "Wake Up Suzy" by Buddy Holly and I couldn't stop giggling. He says "Our reputation's shot." Does anyone really believe that he'd be worried rumors of him shagging this dame would get around. Most likely he'd be adding to them by hinting at all the silly things he got her to do. Say like, taking it up the dupper or what ever. "What are we going to tell our friends when they say 'Ooh, la la?'" Even back in the fifties who would hang out with people who say 'Ooh, la la?'

Monday, March 10, 2003

Fuck the Lawyers, We'll Arm-Wrestle For It.

Los Feliz, CA:
Wellington, New Zealand - Two CEO's recently resolved a despute between their respective companies by a best-of-three arm-wrestling match. At stake for the telecommunications companies was a $112,000 (NZ $200,00) deal involving access to a mobile radio network

Cheers, mates! Keep it out of the courts.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003 Reviews

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