Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Keys to Dunking Oreos

Los Feliz, CA:
The essential Guide to getting your cookies soggy.

I generally use the "Bubble Observation Method." It's kind of like counting the pops with microwave popping corn, when those bubble stop coming up from the submerged cookie you can pull it out. For safety I usually abort just before the stop to avoid the cookie crumbling into the milk

I used to use the buoyancy test which involves the continuously letting go and catching of the cookie until it starts to sink. It is, however, too easy to crush the cookie, sending it dissolving to the bottom and leaving you with just a pinch in your fingers.

Staff Writer, Dicky P. Cockfoster, swears by the counting method. This is of course a foolish request for disaster.

Ray Kamb, lead signer and axe-man for the Kassos, claims to have never dunked an Oreo. "It's wrong," Kamb says, "That is one thing in my life I made it a point to take a stand against."

Disclaimer: The proceeding methods are only valid for Oreos. For instance, it takes way less milk to sink a Nutter Butter than an Oreo. So for gad sakes be careful.

Friday, November 8, 2002

The Dead Roach Band Rides Again!

Santee, CA:
The Dead Roach Band's 'Fat Chick Smokin' is now available!