Friday, August 30, 2002

New Sugar-Water Ads Assault, Masses Rejoice

Santee, CA:
There is a lemon-lime soda called Sierra Mist that has a drawing of mountains on its label. Apparently the refreshing taste of citrus comes from orchards near the snowcapped peaks of the Sierra-Nevadas

This drink replaces cola giant Pepsi's syrupy Lemon-Lime Slice. I can't say that this changing of the guard will bring tears to my eyes because I just don't care

Do soft drink corporations really need web sites. Does anyone really wonder what's the latest from their marketing avalanche. You can't hide from the media blitz anyway why seek out more of it. Coca-Cola has the nauseating gall to have a picture on its site of a silver-haired woman kissing her granddaughterin her graduation cap. Which for some reason is stuck to the back of her head. Other than through sarcasm I can find no connection

Me? I'll be humming Nickel Nickel on the way to get a glass of water.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Santee, CA:
The Circus is in town; or at least at the local Denny's. One extremely afeminate guy in yellow Hostess Twinkees pajama pants sports a blue bandana on his head garnished with chrome Elvis sunglasses. Twinkee pants is very cuddly with a midget dame wearing in a ski cap and a tank top. These bits of clothing, one would assume, are at odds with each other, even mutually exclussive. The rest of the troop was silly in a far less destinct manner. Overall, however, they were all part of the 'everyone look at me' crowd.

Santee, CA:
New Pointless Activity
The Old Pointless Activity

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Santee, CA:
A few cool Flash sites:Orisinal - A bunch of silly Flash Games. Most of them excruciatingly cute.

Tamale Loco - Another Flash Game. You collect chillies and tortillas.

Alien Hominid - Dan Paladin's awesome side scoller.

Friday, August 9, 2002

Santee, CA:
Life isn't like the movies but it ought to be. Many of my actions should be seen in slow motion punctuated with a swelling score. Just like the movies, clever tricks can hide the fact that nothing of substance is happening.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

San Diego, CA:
It starts with a silly little tickle and ends up being the biggest mistake of your life. That little hair waving about in your schnoz has to go however. And you'll yank it out despite all that experience has taught time and again. Seconds later, writhing on the floor, lacramose shrapnel leaps from from your eyes, defying all your claims of manliness.

Santee, CA:
Her breasts seemed to bounce to a rhythm completely out of sync with her walk.-- about girl crossing the street.

Santee, CA:
I always load my clean laundry into suitcases. That way it feels like I'm traveling.

San Diego, CA:
Absinthe, The Green Fairy

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Escondido, CA:
She had an incredible body but as I passed I saw a nose that looked like something you'd find sticking off the back on a '59 Cadillac.