Monday, October 22, 2007

Flying My Plane Home

Back in April I bought myself a Grumman AA5-B Tiger.

After 22 hours, spending the night in a shack waiting out tornado warnings,and witnessing my first IFR flight through the clouds (Daylon Bakken at the wheel), I'm home.

Daylon is an amazing pilot. He flies in bad weather all the time for work. When we landed for the storms in Texas we had a 30+ knot direct crosswind(Very Crazy!) and no choice but to get down. He ran out of rudder and welanded on one wheel but it was a pretty smooth landing.

In Payson, az I met Daylon's family. His uncle is a guide for taking peopleon huts for Black Bears.

Flying Cloud, MN - Albion, NE - Goodland - KS - Gruver, TX (Stopped forTornado warning) - Amarillo, TX - Los Cruces, NM - Payson, AZ - PalmSprings, CA - Burbank, CA

I love the plane. The avionics are amazing.

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