Monday, July 30, 2007

A Whole Mess of Travel

By Saturday I will have been on 11 flights in the last month. Bold letters mean that I actually spent some time there (as opposed to just going through the airport). Blue means that I was there to visit a studio.

Los Angeles, USA > Taipei, Taiwan > Singapore > Hyderabad, India > Bangkok, Thailand > Seoul, Korea > Taipei, Taiwan > Seoul, Korea > Singapore > Hyderabad, India > Kuala Lampur, Malaysia > Los Angeles, USA


Here's a rundown on the Airports:

  • LAX - Some parts new and nice, others old and not so great. (Before you start comlaining about LAX this list is relative).
  • Taipei - Very clean fairly easy to navigate if you are using the right airline. One terminal looks hatched in the sixties.
  • Singapore -Nice. There are transit hotels for layovers. One even has a pool.
  • Hyderabad - Pure Squalor. Please, someone just get a sponge a whipe down the fucking walls. Old and Chaotic like the rest of the city. People can just walk up to the terminal making it crowded and chaotic to get in. I cannot use the word chaos enough when talking about India. Also people just walk through immigration without even drawing a glance from the officers. Sometimes officials don't have matching uniforms.
  • Bangkok - New Airport, very nice. The airline even shows you a video before landing that tells you where to go for connections and whatever else you need. Business class gives you shorter Immigration lines.
  • Seoul - Nice and new.

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