Friday, August 30, 2002

New Sugar-Water Ads Assault, Masses Rejoice

Santee, CA:
There is a lemon-lime soda called Sierra Mist that has a drawing of mountains on its label. Apparently the refreshing taste of citrus comes from orchards near the snowcapped peaks of the Sierra-Nevadas

This drink replaces cola giant Pepsi's syrupy Lemon-Lime Slice. I can't say that this changing of the guard will bring tears to my eyes because I just don't care

Do soft drink corporations really need web sites. Does anyone really wonder what's the latest from their marketing avalanche. You can't hide from the media blitz anyway why seek out more of it. Coca-Cola has the nauseating gall to have a picture on its site of a silver-haired woman kissing her granddaughterin her graduation cap. Which for some reason is stuck to the back of her head. Other than through sarcasm I can find no connection

Me? I'll be humming Nickel Nickel on the way to get a glass of water.

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